12 Units = Full-Time Enrollment for Financial Aid

15 Units = On-Time Enrollment for 4-Year Graduation

Did you know that if you average 15 units each semester, you will graduate with your bachelor’s degree in 4 years if you came in as a freshman or in 2 years if you transferred to Sonoma State University? Instead of letting the expenses of your education drag on for years, you will be in your career earlier using your degree to get a better job and to earn more money!

Why take 15 Units a Semester?

$26,626 = Total cost you will spend each additional year you are at Sonoma State University.

95.56% of First Time Freshmen who took 15 units or more their first semester (Fall 2018) returned to Sonoma State University in the spring semester (Spring 2019).

3.17 GPA = Grade Point Average of First-Time-Freshmen First Semester in their first semester (Fall 2018) who took 15+ Units First Semester.

  • You chances of graduating from Sonoma State University increase!
  • The more units you complete each semester, the fewer opportunities you give life to sidetrack your studies.
  • The sooner you finish your undergraduate studies, the faster you can get started with your career and life outside of school. Once you have your bachelor’s degree, you can travel, volunteer, or even get a head start on an advanced degree.
  • You increase your income!!

In California, a person with a bachelor’s degree earns on average $60,521 per year compared to $30,627 for a Californian with only a high school diploma. That is nearly $30,000 more per year! The faster you earn your degree, the sooner you can start your career and start earning more.

Sonoma State University 15-to-Finish Marketing Materials

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