Advising Redesign

The goal of the Advising ReDesign was to develop an advising model that will increase student persistence and graduation rates, improve the student experience, while making advising more rewarding and effective for Professional Academic Advisors, Faculty Advisors, and students.

The new advising model, developed by the Advising Task Force, creates a support system for students who have completed less than 60 units and provides students who have completed over 60 units time to develop a partnership with their Faculty Advisors. Over the past two years, Sonoma State University has worked to develop is new advising model, which is being implemented in Fall 2019.  

Students who have completed less than 60 units will have a team of advisors consisting of a multiple academic advisors:

  • Undeclared students will work closely with an Undeclared Professional Academic Advisor and a Career Advisor to identify and declare a major in which they are passionate.
  • Students who have already declared a major and who have completed under 60 units will have a Faculty Advisor and Professional Academic Advisor. These Professional Academic Advisors can be found in:
    • The Advising Center (supporting the School of Science & Technology and the School of Social Sciences)
    • School of Arts & Humanities
    • School of Business & Economics
    • School of the School of Science & Technology

Students who have completed more than 60 units will partner with their Faculty Advisors to:

  • Ensure students are persisting towards graduation.
  • Discuss undergraduate research.
  • Examine post-graduation school options, internships, etc.
  • Complete Graduation Applications.
  • Much more!

In addition, Sonoma State University has Professional Academic Advisors in specific programs (EOP, Center for Academic Access & Student Enrichment, student-athletes, Disability Services for Students, etc.) to provide additional support for students throughout their time at Sonoma State University.

Read the Advising ReDesign Task Force Report