Student Success Campaign Form

This Campaign helps meet the following strategic priority:
Please identify the area or department of Sonoma State that is requesting the campaign
Define a Target Student Population. My target student population and rationale for why they require this additional attention:
Objectives, Metrics and Target Outcomes
Please use this section to describe the objective(s) of your campaign. such as re-enrollment of the population or getting students off of probation, and the metric(s) by which you will judge the campaign's success, such as the percentage of the population signed up for an appointment via the campaign. The first objective is required, the second and third are optional.
Objective 1 *
Objective 2
Objective 3
Metric 1
Metric 2
Metric 3
Plan Your Outreach Strategy
In this step, describe the steps students must take as a result of this campaign. For example, set up an appointment with an advisor, or complete a form.
(Optional) Please describe the the steps of any future plans to take to follow up with the students in order to ensure the success of the campaign. For example, re-send the campaign email to students who have not yet responded, or nudge them via text or email.