Sophomore Year Experience

The Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) program was developed to help address the unique needs of second-year SSU students by promoting academic engagement, fostering focused exploration, and bridging the gap between the first year and graduation.

Sophomore year is a pivotal part of your college career. As you transition from your first year into sophomore year, it is exciting to re-engage with classes, activities, work, and friends. However, this transition can be challenging as you experience more demanding coursework or begin exploring your academics but are not sure on what is the best route to take. For these reasons, it is crucial during your sophomore year that you take advantage of available resources and use what you learned in your first year as a springboard to the rest of your college career and beyond.

Sophomore year is the ideal time to reflect on "Why am I doing this? What am I gaining from my experience and does this experience help me pursue the things I am passionate about?" Of course, you cannot always choose the classes, jobs, or activities you most want but reflection on what you have completed so far and careful planning on attaining your educational goals can go a long way in helping you be successful in your sophomore year and beyond.