FAQs about Remote Learning

What’s the difference between an in-person and remote class?
Whether in-person or remote, Sonoma State University classes are designed to help prepare you for real world success.

Remote classes have a few different options. Some classes are taught synchronously (with set days and times of classes) and others are taught asynchronously (no set meeting days and times). Make sure you check your class schedule. If days and times are listed, your class is taught synchronously. If no days and times are listed, your class is taught asynchronous.

Are remote classes hard?
Remote classes are no more or less difficult than on-campus classes – just different.

Do remote classes meet at certain times?
Some of your remote classes will meet at certain days and times. These are called synchronous classes. Other classes may not meet on specific days and times. These are called asynchronous courses. Please check your schedule in MySSU or your LoboConnect mobile app 

What assignments are typical for a remote class?
Assignments vary throughout the classes. Students may have a discussion board post and responses each week. Other work may include papers, individual or group projects, presentations, labs and assessments.